Auckland Tour – February 2019

Ladies and gentlemen and trans people of all persuasions, show me a good time in Auckland!

When and where

My Queen street hotel in the CBD, Feb 9th – 12th. I’m often available during the morning, and sometimes day and early evening, but I have a professional day job so I won’t be answering your calls.


For my Auckland tour the contact option is an App called Grindr. Set your filter to ”trans”, I have the user name TwerkIt. If you can’t find me, I’m probably not available.

Please set your user name to ”Tristan” or say ”Hey Tristan” in your first message, otherwise I’ll think it’s someone trying to date me and I won’t read it. I ignore 100+ messages a day so this is important. I don’t read or reply to messages unless they say ”Tristan” and read  like a text message to book an appointment.

Yeah, it does look like a dating profile, and technically it is, but that’s so my account doesn’t get deleted. I’m trying this out as an alternative to carrying 2 phones around. Try me 😉

I’m super horny and REALLY want to see you, lets make it happen!

Hey Auckland!

My standard Luxury Service rates are:

30min $200
60min $300

My gold service upgrade:

60min $400
90min $500
120min $600


  1. Only contact if you want to book
  2. Arrive on time
  3. Bring the correct money – I don’t carry cash or give change
  4. I don’t use drugs, I don’t drink, and I don’t see clients who are high
  5. I use condoms every time. No exceptions

Please see my services and rates pages for more info.