My Playmates

Threesomes with other hot transsexuals (or sometimes non-TS) is my speciality.  I only play with people I’m hot for, so our sex is 100% authentic, that’s what makes threesomes with us so special. We’re not putting on a show, we’re giving you a glimpse into something you won’t see elsewhere. Check out my services page for details.

NB: Everyone changes their hair from time to time.

TS Tristan Velvet – Wellington

5 star award

Warm, playful, and effortlessly charming, Tristan will immediately put you at ease. Tristan is a beautiful, exotic, Scandinavian Maori transsexual, with smooth golden olive skin, green eyes, blond hair, and large artistic tattoos.

Explore this site to see more of Tristan.

TS Lily – Wellington

5 star award

Lily is a sweet and youthful blue eyed natural blond transsexual.
She has been described as ‘the ultimate girl next door’. She is tall, ultra slim, and fresh faced, with perky teenage B cup breasts, puffy pink nipples, and a truly breathtaking revelation downstairs that will have you on your knees. Lily and Tristan together ++

Lily’s advertisement is here.

TS Kurt – Wellington

5 star award

Kurt is a super hot boy-next-door trans man, with a toned gym body, a cute bubble butt, lots of tattoos, and a smile that lights up the room. He is also available here.

Non-TS Delilah – Wellington

5 star award

Delilah is a vivacious city girl all the way from Manhattan. 6ft tall with heels, she has a curvaceous hourglass figure, perky breasts, and large colorful tattoos that express her fun-loving attitude.

Escort Dolls – Wellington

Dolls – you can’t get a doll like this anywhere else in NZ. These dolls are not cheap blow up dolls – they look and feel like real women.The dolls currently need to be booked several days in advance so they can be moved between premises.


Playmates in other areas

TS April Temple – South Island

April is an exotic Ukranian trans girl, shy at first… then very flirty! She has a slim figure, gorgeous natural B cup tits, and fine features with big doe eyes. You can also find her here.


TS Charlotte – not currently working

Charlotte is a tall, smooth, gently spoken Euro trans girl with a pale porcelain complexion and naturally strawberry blond hair.

TS Duvaal – touring

Duvaal is a petite and seductive Tahitian Maori trans girl – and a little wild child. She’s a  double chocolate dream with full soft lips, liquid brown eyes and silky, straight, dark hair all the way down to her bum.

TS Kara – not currently working

Kara is a transsexual pacific princess – her soft brown eyes will captivate you, and her shy and gentle demeanor will win your heart. Kara has perfect curves, long smooth legs, dark wavy waist length hair, and a dominant streak in the bedroom.

TS Annika Austin – not currently working

Annika is an enchanting Euro transsexual who is slim and elegant, with just a dash of punk-rock-party-girl. She has perfect D cup breasts, rich red tresses, and the longest, fullest eyelashes framing her forest green eyes. Annika’s website is here.

TS Nerissa – not currently working

Nerissa looks like she belongs in a fairytale, as a siren or a mermaid, but her easy going country girl banter will have you relaxed and laughing in minutes.
Long, wild, honey blond hair falls around her gorgeous perky breasts, pretty freckles grace her beautiful face, and she exudes adventure and spirit in her every move.
She is a Euro Australian, who offers fetish play only – no full service.

TS Jet Young – not currently working

Jet is a sensual and exotic oriental Trans boy (FtM). Standing at 5’1, with a toned body, smooth Asian skin, and a sculpted male chest, Jet is a very masculine and gorgeous guy with a surprise downstairs that you would never expect. His website is here.

TS Jason Harmony – Sydney

Jason is a hot FtM trans boy in his early 20’s, with big bedroom eyes, a slim toned physique, and lashings of sex appeal.


Non-TS Cypress – not currently working

Cypress is a sensual and stimulating plus sized girl with a great laugh, a cheeky smile, and a natural dominant streak. A blue eyed brunette, buxom American sweetheart, with a sumptuous hourglass figure, D cup breasts and a bum like you wouldn’t believe. Her website is here.

Non-TS Ivy – not currently working

Ivy is curvaceous, busty and porcelain skinned, with huge baby doll blue eyes, long brunette hair, and a sweet giggle.


Non-TS Saskia Pereira – Auckland

Saskia is a 21 year old, 4’10 Chinese Indian babe, with a model’s hourglass size six figure, pert 8DD breasts, a toned waist, and a plush bottom. She is sensual, kinky, adventurous and indulgent. Her website is here.

Non-TS Jack – not currently working

Jack is gorgeous – think Ryan Phillip in 54, only taller, more elegant, and perhaps with a little more eyeliner. Jack has soft juicy lips, tousled blond hair, and loads of flirtatious charisma.



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